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Rowing works over 80% of your body’s muscles so you can burn as many calories in 20 minutes as a combination of gym machines will achieve in 90 minutes. Plus, at the same time you will improve your heart and lung performance, boosting your circulation which is so important for transporting important materials, such as nutrients and oxygen, throughout your body.

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Row Your Way to a Healthier Body

Toning and Strengthening Up To 80% of Your Muscles

Including all the major muscles that support your joints. You will feel more energetic, and also find day to day tasks are a breeze. PLUS, if you want to really target your abs the RowShaper also converts to an ab-crunch machine!

Hydraulic Resistance Ram has 12 Levels

The seat slide-rail has 3 incline levels for further resistance adjustment making the RowShaper suitable for all levels of fitness. If you are short of space as well as time the RowShaper can be stored vertically, with attached wheels that make moving it easy.

Full Body Workout in Just 5 minutes a day!

Burn calories and build up a stronger body,  targeting upper, middle, lower abs and obliques, also tone inner thighs and hips. With the Row Shaper, you may see results in as little as 2 weeks

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in your RowShaper purchase?

  • 1 x RowShaper
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 allen key and spanner
  • Plus Free Gifts as advertised

Time, (Count) Total # of strokes for the session, (RPM) # of strokes per minute, (CAL) # of calories burnt for the session and SCAN - scrolls through all measurements displaying each for 4 seconds

Yes. 2 x AAA batteries, not supplied.

There is a rotating collar on the hydraulic ram that you turn to the required Level from 1 - 12. You can also adjust the incline of the seat slider-rail through 3 settings i.e. the steeper the incline the more resistance due to gravity.

Yes. The main rail that the seat slides on comes in 2 pieces. These need to be connected using 4 nut & bolt sets supplied. Then fold out the rear support leg and bolt in place, attaching the adjustable leg section to the rear support leg. Slide the foam covers on to the ABs extension bracket and attach to the main rail. Clip on the 2 handles and the computer display.

Yes, 120kg

146cm long x 43.3cm wide

A maximum inside leg measurement of 94cm. Equates to approx. 183cm tall however the ratio of trunk to leg length varies with individuals.


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